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I am including the customary blurb ‘About Me’ on this page, as doing any type of creative work IS a form of self therapy!
Born and raised in Switzerland, I came to the United States at the impressionable age of 21. I went through my ‘Americanization’ process in the Midwest, did a brief stunt in the South, and eventually headed West.
Although I have been somewhat of a Gypsy for a number of years, my heart and soul are firmly anchored in the Pacific Northwest.
I love nothing more than to sit by a roaring mountain stream, protected by lush greenery and enormously tall trees, while working on a creative project… even if only in my mind.

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Book Review: The List by Siobhan Vivian

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Publisher: Push (Scholastic)

Release date: April 1, 2012

Pages: 332

Summary: Every year at Mount Washington High, right around Homecoming, someone posts the list. It picks two girls from each grade—one is deemed the prettiest, and the other is labeled the ugliest. This year, the list features a few surprises. How will the spotlight affect these eight girls?

My thoughts: The List tells the story of eight different girls, yet surprisingly it never feels too busy or confusing. The chapters rotate heroines, but the lives of each of the girls is subtly interwoven with the other girls on the list. Because there are so many different storylines, The List never gets boring—it’s always interesting, and you’ll find yourself reading for far longer than you planned.

The eight girls on the list all have a different problem in their life—some are caused by the list, and others are merely aggravated because of it. (A few examples? Eating disorders, boy problems, and sibling rivalry) These problems are ones that many high school girls go through (and since there are eight girls, it’s likely that a reader will connect with at least one of them). Siobhan Vivian is great at handling teen issues with grace, but she doesn’t let grace upstage candidness. If The List is one thing, it’s honest.

Though I mentioned that The List never gets confusing in terms of characters, because of the huge cast there isn’t quite as much time to get to know each girl closely. This may be frustrating for some readers; though we learn about their personal problems, sometimes it feels like we haven’t had enough time with each girl. Still, other readers (like me) will go with the flow and enjoy the faster, less focused pace. My favorite girl on the list is Jennifer, because of her resilience and because of her secrets. The girl that has the most powerful storyline, though, is Bridget (you’ll see why—her chapters are almost difficult to read).
I fell in love with the characters, the setting, and the story immediately.

If you’re looking for a book to put you right on the edge of your seat, it is a perfect choice.

If you’re looking for a quick yet incredibly meaningful contemporary read, try The List!

4/5 stars

For those who like: high school drama stories, multiple points of view, realistic fiction

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