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I am including the customary blurb ‘About Me’ on this page, as doing any type of creative work IS a form of self therapy!
Born and raised in Switzerland, I came to the United States at the impressionable age of 21. I went through my ‘Americanization’ process in the Midwest, did a brief stunt in the South, and eventually headed West.
Although I have been somewhat of a Gypsy for a number of years, my heart and soul are firmly anchored in the Pacific Northwest.
I love nothing more than to sit by a roaring mountain stream, protected by lush greenery and enormously tall trees, while working on a creative project… even if only in my mind.

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Important Pieces Of Application

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Your whole application process we talk so much about it you know we’ve been using that word obstacle a lot but just kind of remember that it can be something like sharing a room you know have people on your family or you know just those things about your life that make it different than your peers you know you couldn’t go to some activities after school care for you and your sibling more because your parents were to work right for you know in the late hours of the day those are types of things that we want you to share if not any extracurricular activities which they should be calling the list of their care for siblings but something that you might want to write a little bit more about and that’s about your daily life not about something that actually happened so what are the most common mistakes that we see in this is.

So I saluted to myth a little bit earlier in the webinar but please pay close attention to grammar so things like shishun you’re capitalizing pronouns and you know words properly you’re using the correct use of like there there we see all of that right and all of that really is just the comes down to proofreading so in your application and the contra prep Scholars application you can preview your essay proof right now and so before you submit your entire application make sure that you’re reading the proof and that everything looks good to you and everything is displaying the way that you want it to you know your your text is in just one giant paragraph right that you have some light breaks in there if there need to be line breaks things like that are these little minor things right but they can really all them add it up could really make a big difference when we’re reading your application as readers because we do read a lot of applications so it does get really tiring for us on the eyes if we’re just seeing this huge block of text one application after the other.

So I think that’s something for me personally those are those are important pieces that I see when students are submitting application in part of you know more I guess oh one small one is just that you use the space provided I think that sometimes we see low effort and it’s like a very short paragraph and I just feel like sometimes that’s just like raw space yeah even if that person was very impressive absolutely and with anybody and if I see an essay like that it’s kind of an automatic like I don’t know where this is gonna go yeah this is something that just has been uploaded by everyone I think it looks like what are the common most common weaknesses so it kind of goes along with mistakes but what are the common weaknesses of the biographical essay that we we eat that’s a really good question thanks for submitting.

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