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About Author

I am including the customary blurb ‘About Me’ on this page, as doing any type of creative work IS a form of self therapy!
Born and raised in Switzerland, I came to the United States at the impressionable age of 21. I went through my ‘Americanization’ process in the Midwest, did a brief stunt in the South, and eventually headed West.
Although I have been somewhat of a Gypsy for a number of years, my heart and soul are firmly anchored in the Pacific Northwest.
I love nothing more than to sit by a roaring mountain stream, protected by lush greenery and enormously tall trees, while working on a creative project… even if only in my mind.

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Radical Poetry

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World peace starts with you… are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

Cry Of The Angels

My heart is bleeding
Over a far strayed son
My thoughts are praying
For all people of the Balkan
And the angels cry

Driven by power
Adding another block
To a spiritual wall
Sustained for centuries
To keep insanity alive
For history books yet to come
And the angels cry

Driven by greed
Declaring ethnic cleansing
His self-assigned mission
Void of values, respect or honor
Barbarically slaughtering
God’s beloved creation
And the angels cry

Close to a new millennium
Far from mankind to unite
In convoys and on trains
In buses and by foot
Chased out of treasured homes
Out of their village they flee
And the angels cry

Stripped of all earthly possessions
Stripped of their dignity
On a journey so brutal
They have to go
For who they are
The beautiful people of Kosovo
And the angels cry

My heart is bleeding
Over a far strayed son
My thoughts are praying
For all people of the Balkan
And the angels cry

Easter Sunday 1999
Copyright © 1999 Pavo

Insanity Must Stop

Twelve years ago
I drove through downtown
Such a nice morning
Had the windows rolled down
KINK radio set the mood
All along the way
Nothing could spoil
This beautiful day

Stopped at a red light
I quickly lost fun
When I looked over
Straight into a toy gun
“Bang, bang, bang!”
The little boy shouted
At four, maybe five
He pictured me faltered

“Killer in the making”
I silently blurt
Yet his mother
Did not say a word
At the turn of the light
She swiftly was gone
Racing toward a fresh target
For her active son

Must be sixteen or seventeen
Little boy who wanted me shot
I often think of him
With such sadness in my heart

Twelve years of violence on TV
And guns under the Christmas tree
Hope he was strong enough
To set himself apart

Twelve years of Hollywood heroes
Betraying his delicate soul
Hope he was brave enough
To shun the macho role

Violence in the schools
Violence in the streets
Stop! Take control
Help the children
Feel whole
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Insanity must stop

Copyright © 1998 Pavo

Insanity Must Stop II

With the twisted mind
Chill out and find
A new direction
And you
With the righteous tongue
Swallow that gun
Drop your obsession
And you
In your headstrong way
Comes judgement day
Brace confrontation

You rob you rant and rave
Driven by the limelight you crave
You feed insanity
Insanity must stop

With the haunted soul
Out of control
With your fixation
And you
With the sharpened sword
Your action short
Of true compassion
And you
With the burning flame
Your vicious game
Halts liberation

You spike you burn and bomb
Worship your hell without a qualm
You feed insanity
Insanity must stop

Who are crying wolf
Look at yourself
See your reflection
And you
With the heart of steel
You fail to feel
Your own creation
And you
With the harmful deeds
You’re sowing seeds
Of pure destruction

You plot you kill and hide
A coward centuries behind
You feed insanity
Insanity must stop
Stop! Stop! Stop!

Copyright © 2002 Pavo


Thirty-three years you devoted to Public Service
And the same precious years you have given me.
We were a young family of almost three when we started this journey
Not knowing that we would grow to be ten over the years to come.
We have called many places home throughout time
And so many people have touched our lives.
Amidst all the changes you consistently gave beyond 100% to your work
Yet you never lost touch of us.
My best friend was always there!
Bill, I have always been so very proud
Of the energy and passion you put into your position
And all the people around you.
I have always been so very proud
Of the energy and passion you put into your family
Even after a hard day’s work.
The alarm clock has rung for the last time
Our reward has come.
We are free to do whatever we decide to do
We are free to rock on the porch anytime we please
We are free to play with the grandchildren while watching their lives unfold
We are free to walk hand in hand down a brand-new lane.
The best is yet to come for us
As we reap the fruit of our labor.
Thank you for letting me share with you
The joyous years leading to such a blessed harvest.
I will always love you

Lyric for the Soul

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